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Hey my name is Kexx. This a tumblr for my arts and crafts projects.

Con List 2014:

Midori-con 2.5 - March 29th - 30th

Morphicon - May 1st - 4th

Midori-con 3.0 - September 5th - 7th

Day 7 - Your favorite piece of lore

Sorry I had exams all day yesterday and then went out celebrating afterwards so I didn’t get to do this. I’d have to say my favorite piece of lore is probably the Pale Tree and the creation of Slyvari in general. For those of you who don’t know, the slyvari are a newly born race of botanical humanoids. In other words they’re made of plants and not just like green elves with fucking leaves and shit like they literally have growth points that wraps around to make their frame and JUST their design is cool let alone their culture/history. They’re a very curious and blunt race (almost like a curious child) as they’ve only been around for about 25 years or so. Before a slyvari is born from the Pale Tree they sort of learn and see about the world through bits and pieces of experiences had by slyvari before them in what they call “The Dream.” It’s thought that the dream shapes you and what your dream means for your destiny is something for you to find out. (As a player you get a choice between three things that you saw in the dream as a quest, the white stag, the green knight, and the shield of the moon) But there’s also a nightmare within the dream and some slyvari are so affected by it that they have banded together into the misguided Nightmare’s Court and shit okay Imma stop cause I’ll keep going on. 

Go here for more info on slyvari. u//w//u

Okay one more fun fact: Slyvari don’t really see gender as a thing like they don’t know why the Pale Tree made males and females if they can’t reproduce??? (Probably just because they used humans as a template for being) So like there are gay couples in the game that are part of your story missions and shit. 

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