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Hey my name is Kexx. This a tumblr for my arts and crafts projects.

Con List 2014:

Midori-con 2.5 - March 29th - 30th

Morphicon - May 1st - 4th

Midori-con 3.0 - September 5th - 7th

I’ve been wanting to make a more complex print for awhile and so I’ve been working on and off on this Totoro Print as I get used to Manga Studio a bit more. There’s still so much to do and work on in this print, but it’s definitely come along so I figured I’d show you guys! Lemme know what you think. <3

Here’s batch one of the Pokemon stickers! They’ll be available soon in my store so stay updated for stickers and more batches! If you’re participating in Midoricon’s Pokemon gijinka event you could get one of your Pokemon for free as long as you’re the original claimer and come up to my table in your costume! If you wanna make sure I get to yours, make sure you let me know and I’ll work on yours next if you really want a sticker! Thanks. <3

Hey everyone! Just giving you an update on my move into our new house. It’s so much bigger, and while not everything is unpacked I have enough room to have part of my room into a studio again. Which means I can work on projects easier and I even have room for large projects! I’ll have to get an area for my finished costumes and kigus and such. Since my van broke down it took a lot longer to move, but with the help of friends it was do-able. :D

I’m visiting my hometown for a few days, but when I get back I’ll def be organizing a lot of things and working on projects again. Once everything is set up a bit better I’ll probably also take some pictures of my studio area. I hope to make tons of more pretty things for you people. <3

Thanks for your time and support!

Hey so for those of you who don’t know! Midoricon 2014 is trying to get as many Pokemon Gijinka as they can. So to help give people a bit of incentive I’m trying to make a Pokemon sticker of every one that’s claimed. At Midoricon if you’re the claimer of the Pokemon and come in your cosplay you can come up to my booth and get a free sticker of your Pokemon! For more information visit Midoricon’s website.

I finally made my Patreon live! If you like my art and would like to help support me doing more complex and just more projects in general you should consider it. <3 I would super appreciate it. Even the smallest amount helps.


I’m moving in a week so all of you get the benefits! Use the code JULYMOVE and get 20% off all items at
Some items are even already on sale so help me get rid of some stock before the big move!

Reminder that it’s time to start the August raffle!

July’s Winner
June’s Winner

Woahh silly me! I forgot to upload the fact that dobiefur won July’s art raffle! I drewed their character getting more foam for making more fursuits. You should check out their stuff and also participate in August’s art raffle! Thanks to everyone who participated!