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Hey my name is Kexx. This a tumblr for my arts and crafts projects.

Con List 2014:

Midori-con 2.5 - March 29th - 30th

Morphicon - May 1st - 4th

Midori-con 3.0 - September 5th - 7th

It’s about that time for a stream! I’ll be working on some more Pokemon stickers to do right before Midoricon!

Here’s the sketch for Purr-annas for donating to Rian2NewHope! It’s their cat Harley-Quinn. What a cutie patoot. @ w @ 

If you’d like to donate to Rian you should visit their GoFundMe and get some awesome art!

So the watercolor stickers I made for my Feminism is Magic game are still for sale! Recently lowered the price and updated the image so you can see the details much better now. While these are sealed I wouldn’t recommend putting them on something that will be near water.

You can buy them at the link below:

Woah I almost forgot to upload this! You know the rules, simply reblog, share whatever or make your own post and show it to me and you can win free art!

Also, a reminder that if you want the Fire Print to become available all I need is one or two pre-orders to be able to print them! For more information click here.

Would you like to see this print go into stock on my store or at future conventions? Well in order to print it, I’m going to need your help. So I’m taking pre-orders! I would only need a few pre-orders to get these printed out and I know a lot of people had been asking about them when they saw my Water and Grass types. If you’re going to Midoricon, Furlaxation, and possibly Cuteboom I can hand deliver this to you or if you’re not I can also send it in the mail. Three sizes are available to pre-order!

17″x11″  - $15

10″x8″ – $10

7″x5″ – $5

Send your orders via Paypal to with a note saying your preferred delivery method and a way to contact you about your order.

Or you can buy other things from my store to pick up at conventions or for me to send out (*Hint: I ran out of Totoro stickers pretty fast at Midoricon 2.5 so you might wanna pre-order them now and pick them up at a con!) To pick them up at a convention use paypal and let me know what you want, otherwise visit my store!

Thanks! Your support is super appreciated!

Here’s the finished piece for August’s raffle winner Skellie. Stay tuned for the September 1st raffle post! Also I’m still livestreaming so feel free to chill!

Join me at

Just letting you guys know that later today I’ll be opening up a livestream for most of the night to work on Pokemon Stickers and will be open for commissions to try and raise money to print off my Fire Pokemon Print. (Or you can come and just hang out uwu) I need to eat and do some garden stuff so I’m gonna say about 6:30 PM EST is when it’ll start. I’ll put up another announcement when it starts! <3

Always wanted to do one of these. It’s weird to see how you improve over the years. I definitely have a lull between Fall 2010 until Fall 2012 where I have pretty much no art done cause engineering and depression, but I’m still pretty happy to see improvements none the less.

 Hecka yeah so I just finished the kappa kigurumi for Midoricon which is coming in it little under a month! I’m super excited to see you all there!  I’ll be there having a table and this will be on sale for $100! Quite the steal. In order to keep it low priced though I couldn’t add the shell pattern I wanted, but that’s okay it’s still hecka cute. uwu

If you’re interested in a custom kigurumi feel free to go to my Commissions Page and I’ll give you a quote!